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Jay Johnson has been showjumping, breaking and working with problem horses throughout his childhood and adult life. Learning the craft of horse breaking, studying their temperament, mind and behavior showing a true gift he can take one look at any horse to know what is wrong and what is needed. He has fixed and saved the lives of many horses that were given their very last chance. Including a horse sent to him from a Monty Roberts demonstration.

He has also spent over 20 years of his working life travelling the country as a stable jockey giving him many years experience dealing with a wide variety of horses & continues to develop his skills working all over the UK and with clients worldwide making him the unique horse psychologist he is today.

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Our approach to horse breaking

Jay will assess and work out what is the best for your horse. All horses are treated in a kind and sympathetic way with the utmost respect. Any horse broken or problem horse is done over three days. Walk, trot, canter, on the bridle, hacking out and jumping a small fence. All of his work is guaranteed and provides an after care service with no extra cost.
To give your horse the best future, is to give your horse the best start
Jay Johnson

About Jay Johnson

Jay is known not only for his horse breaking but as a professional showjumper who rides at Grand Prix level. He has broken and produced many young horses that have gone on to do well and compete at top level. He can be seen out on the circuit today riding different horses for various clients.

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