The UK's Premier Horse Breaking Service

We work all over the UK with many top professional clients breaking and producing young horses

Tara Kusch - Professional Dressage Rider

Want to recommend Jay Johnson to anybody starting a youngster or having any problems with any of our young four legged friends. A very easy going gentle giant horse one moment, the next a giant scaredy cat/naughty brat. Jay had three sessions with Hero and three days later I was brave enough to get on him and school him at a big competition venue on a competition day. Thank you Jay - you've given me the confidence to get out and go to a competition.

Kelly Anderson - Keyland Equestrian

We loved the fact that Jay comes to you, that way you can watch the whole process from start to finish knowing that your horses aren’t stressed being away from home. We will definitely be having Jay back next year and the following years for our ever expanding brood of youngsters.

A New philosophy for building
lasting relationships

Having owned our own yards for 10 years, in 2015 we were invited to break six horses for John Whitaker. Within four days all six horses were broken and riding away. Jay came up with the concept that by traveling to the client and their horse anywhere in the country it would save the client time, money & stress. Half of the normal breaking fee could be saved along with a lot of worry and the cost of transportation. This is how fastrack professional breaking services was created. This method of service is providing full satisfaction and working well for so many happy clients today.